Our therapists (list of doctors & therapists)

Here you will find information about therapists from STZ and their therapy areas.

OA. Dr. med. Mustafa SELIM MSc

Mustafa Selim

Anna MARCZEWSKA – Healing masseuse

Anna MARCZEWSKA - Healing masseuse, therapists
Anna MARCZEWSKA – Healing masseuse

Janine CHARWATH – Osteopath i. e. and Healing masseuse– currently on maternity leave

Janine CHARWATH - Healing masseuse

Karin VORABERGER – Physiotherapist – currently on parental leave

Karin VORABERGER - Physiotherapist, therapists
Karin VORABERGER – Physiotherapist

Lucie REISSERT – Medical massage therapist

Lucie Reissert - medical massage therapist

Sara PIRES APARíCIO – Tuina masseuse

Sara Pires Aparício – Tuina–Massage Therapist

Magdalena  Mirjam Rampler – Physiotherapist