Chiro-massage (manual application)

Chiro-massage derives from the Greek word “κιροσ” (chiros), which means “hand” and massage, defined as the practice of applying force or vibration on soft tissues of the body to stimulate circulation, mobility, elasticity or relief from certain pains or bodily symptoms. It is therefore a massage applied only with the help of the hands.

In general, massage acts on the body and mind, providing an improvement in the endocrine, circulatory, lymphatic, digestive and skeletal systems, thus promoting a significant increase in health and well-being.

Chiro-massage is based on the manual application of a certain type of manipulation, which can be friction, pressure, percussion and stretching, depending on the effect you want to achieve.

Basically acting on the musculoskeletal and circulatory structure of the human body, it also has a great effect on other levels, such as the nervous system, promoting relaxation and tension relief.

Sara Pires Aparício offers this therapy.

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