Chronic pain therapy

About chronic pain

It is common in the musculoskeletal system, especially on back pain and joint pain, e.g. the chronic polyarthritis. Furthermore, there are e.g. chronic forms of headache, neuralgia or polyneuropathy.

The causes are complex: Often it is developed after a non-adequate treatment of acute pain, Moreover the first indications of the development of “pain memory” were found. Nerve pathways in the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nervous system are modified, the pain threshold in the brain is reduced, and pain management is increased. Mental and emotional influences also take part in the course of chronic pain.

They may lead to muscle shortening and muscle hardening followed by stress on joints and spine. Due to the sleep disorders there is a lack of recovery of mind and body causing tiredness and concentration disorders.


  • Medical therapy (Muscle relaxants, vitamins, analgesics, antidepressants)
  • Exercise and physiotherapy
  • Massage and relaxation therapies
  • Osteopathy and craniosacral therapy