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Welcome to the Paintherapie- and Osteopathy Center Vienna Döbling!

Mustafa Selim, pain therapy, osteopath
Mustafa Selim

Your freedom from pain and your health are our guiding principle and goal!

Our main focuses in pain therapy are:

That is why we make use of the wide-ranging possibilities of conventional medicine and alternative medicine: from osteopathy, craniosacral therapy and neural therapy; about neurology and psychiatry, trauma therapy, physiotherapy and therapeutic massage; up to lymph massage, foot reflexology, trigger point massage and Shiatsu as well as energetic therapy

Whether alone or combined with each other, the effectiveness of these healing methods enable us to create the most optimal therapy program for you, because it is specifically tailored to your ailment.

Because our second principle is:
You have the right for a treatment that is tailored to you!

Schreibaby – Osteopathy can save lives!

Dear parents!

Please think of osteopathy before you seriously injure your children and they may die as a result or remain disabled for their entire life.

You can come to us even if you have no money!

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Schrei-Baby, Schreibaby
Foto: Article Kronen Zeitung

Covid-19 entry tests

Your health is very important to us

Dear patients!

We are now offering Covid-19 entry tests for symptom-free patients in our ordination, which can also be used e. g. for visiting the hairdresser. For the testing and the issuing of a short medical certificate € 35.00 per patient is charged.

We kindly ask you to make an appointment by telephone!

OA Dr. Mustafa Selim, MSc and his team

Support for your immune system

Important information!

Dear patients!

Perhaps this is an important information for you:  We offer an excellent mix of immune infusions to all patients who have already passed Covid-19 – a support for your immune system – that is, after the quarantine has been completed  – and still feel weak or still suffer from discomfort afterwards.

These immune infusions are also suitable for those patients who want to strengthen their immune system prophylactically against Corona.

With best greetings!
Yours, OA Dr. Mustafa Selim, MSc

Here you can find information about the current corona situation in Austria.
Here you will find informations from the Austrian government.
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Infusion therapy, immune infusions
Infusion therapy