Support for the immune system

Important information!

Dear patients!

We offer an excellent mix of immune infusions to all patients who have already passed Corona (Covid-19) – that is, after the quarantine has been completed  – and still feel weak or still suffer from discomfort afterwards.

These immunoinfusions are also suitable for those patients who want to strengthen their immune system prophylactically against corona (Covid-19).

With best greetings!
Yours, OA Dr. Mustafa Selim, MSc

PS: Here you can find information about the current corona situation in Austria.

Infusion therapy

Infusion therapy


Infusiontherapies and the fields of applications

The Schmerztherapie- und Osteopathie-Zentrum Döbling offers various infusiontherapies, e. g. infusions against pain, highly dosed vitamin C infusions, anti-stress infusiontherapy, infusiontherapies for circulation, etc.

We support:

  • regulation of hormones
  • immune system
  • cognitive performance
  • symptoms of the climacteric period
  • and much else …

Find here more informations about the infusiontherapies…