healing through touch

Osteopathy – healing through touch

Osteopathy is a manual form of diagnosis and therapy. The osteopath works with manual  (healing through touch) but not strictly prescribed techniques. We offer osteopathic treatments for the following groups of people:

osteopathy for children - healing through touch
osteopathy for children
  • Osteopathy for adults
  • Osteopathy for children and adolescents
  • Osteopathy especially for women
  • osteopathic trauma therapy for children and adults
  • special osteopathy for thyroid dysfunction, obesity, chronic bowel disease and jaw dysfunction
  • Osteopathy in the event of a desire to have children
  • Osteopathy for babies and children after heavy or long births
  • also for babies and children after birth trauma
  • Osteopathy for mothers after birth traumas and cesarean sections
  • Osteopathy for babies and children with abdominal colic and sleep disorders
  • for children with allergies
  • for children with anxiety and learning disabilities
  • Osteopathy for children with impaired concentration and hyperactivity

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Osteopathy for the child

Osteopathy for the child – applications

Osteopathy for the child as a gentle, effective and holistic therapy method, osteopathy is particularly suitable for infants, children and adolescents.

Application areas

  • developmental disorders
  • hyperactivity
  • headache and stomachache
  • sleep disorders
  • crying children
  • constipation
  • school and learning problems
  • and such like…

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Osteopathy for the child
Osteopathy for the child – applications